Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love's Enduring Journey Continues

After Stan proposed on Tuesday, it was official, we were engaged. On Saturday we went looking for rings. We found the most beautiful rings for the both of us. I guess guys sort of loose out, because they do not have a ring to show they are engaged. We decided on a May wedding, since we would be getting married in Lawton and all of my family lives in Texas we decided on Memorial Day Weekend. My Mother and I worked hard getting ready for the big day. I found my dress at a bridal shop in Lawton, I was by my self, and I knew when I tried it on, it was the DRESS for me. It was on sale also, my veil cost more than the dress. I asked my friend from Fort Worth to be my Matron of Honor, Karen and Gary were married in September before us. Renee who has been my friend for 46 years, her and Richard married the May before we did, she was a Maid of Honor also, my younger sister Kim and Stan's sister Clarice were in the wedding. I had cousins who served and a college friend, Bethany who we still talk to each other and she still lives here in Forth Worth we have known each other since 1975. Stan had his best friends to stand up with him, Jerry,
his brothers, Steve and Robert Paul. The most rewarding part of our wedding service was Stan's Dad performed the ceremony. Stan and I kept talking during the service and Dad kept telling us to be quite. During the candle lighting and a song being sung by friends, Donnie & Janice, Mark & Elaine, Stan whispered to me "Did you take your Birth control today?" I started swaying back and forth and started laughing and Dad said very firmly and stern "OK, you two, straighten up"!!
When he finally said you can kiss the Bride, he did and then we hurried outside the church. We had to go back in so pictures could be taken and then we rode in the back of I don't remember who drove us to the reception at a Hotel. It was beautiful. All I remember is talking to a lot of people, cutting the cake and drinking some punch, and talking and hugging more people. It was finally time to leave the reception, we heard through the grapevine that another groom had been kidnapped earlier at the same hotel so our friend Terry had some handcuffs, so they decided to handcuff us together. We left the reception in our wedding clothes, we first had to take newspapers, balloons and my nephew who was 11 months old out of the backseat!! Terry followed us to Stan's parents where we were to change clothes and for Terry to remove the handcuffs. Terry could not find the key!!!! They finally had to use a pick to free us.. What a time we had.. We quickly left and headed to Fort Worth, but just as we went through the toll booth at Faxon, we were pulled over by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, at first we thought it was Stan's friend Grant, whose Dad worked for them as a patrol officer. No, he pulled us over to tell Stan he needed to clear off the back license plate, it was cover with shaving cream!! We stopped to eat in Wichita Falls, since neither one of us has eaten all day.. As we got closed to Fort Worth, we both began to feel sick to out stomachs, we had food poisoning,, what a way to start our honeymoon. We enjoyed the few days we had to relax and even went to Six Flags with Karen and Gary, friend who were in our wedding. We have just celebrated 33 years. I know you will enjoy the rest of my story......... Early marriage, children, and just wait and read.


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